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Medytox is growing as the No. 1 medical aesthetic company.

Medical Device Carewave

  • Purpose
    • To use for improving erectile dysfunction by using low-intensity shock wave generated from the electromagnetic method
  • Device Classification
    • Medical Device
  • Component
    • Main
    • Multi-focus Hand Piece
    • Power cable
    • Treatment gel
  • Electrical Rating
    • Rated voltage: AC 220V I Rated frequency: 60Hz / Power consumption: 300VA
  • Storage Condition
    • The optimal storing temperature for the device is 5~40℃.
    • The relative humidity of the device is 30~75%.
    • Store safely by avoiding areas where chemicals are stored or gas is emitted.
    • Minimize the shock or shake.
    • Turn off the power when not in use
제품 변경사항You can find the recent approval updates and detailed medical device information on Emed (http://emed.mfds.go.kr) → [Information] → [product information].