Studying the Time of

Medytox is a company studying the time of humankind.

The Global Leader of Botulinum Toxin Industry

Medytox is a global leader in botulinum toxin industry.

Neuramis Time

Neuramis® is a hyaluronic acid filler product made by Medytox.

Biotechnology that
changes the future

All of Medytox starts from R&D.


Medytox, third corporate advertisement ‘Global CSR Campaign Now’ episode released
Medytox, third corporate advertisement ‘Global CSR Campaign Now’ episode released - ’Studying time of humankind’ presented impressive visual beauty with the extravagant orchestra sound - Actor Jang, Geun Suk was selected as a new model and became #1 supporter of Global CSR Campaign ‘Team 2022’. - Bright features of Mongolian children were filmed at ‘Team 2022’s first place of activity. The third corporate advertisement of Medytox ‘Act Now’ episode is released to public. The advertisement is composed of majestic sound performed by large-scale orchestra and the bright features of local Mongolian and Nepalese Children. On April 2nd, 2018, Medytox(Founder & CEO Jung, Hyun-Ho) has announced that they have released their third corporate advertisement ‘Global CSR Campaign Now’ featuring corporate philosophy of Medytox ‘studying time of humankind’ with the copy ‘Together, we are the brightest stars in the world’. The advertisement is available via major broadcast programs as well as official Medytox YouTube channel, homepage, and etc. This advertisement was produced in conjunction with Global CSR Campaign ‘Team 2022’. It was filmed overseas at Mongol along with Nepal and the United States where Medytox is sponsoring treatment of child patients’ with dynamic equinus foot deformity. In Korea, large-scale orchestra and choir participated in shooting to create a grand scale. As for the new model, actor Jang, Geun Suk, who is currently playing a male lead in SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘Switch’ was selected. Jang, Geun Suk said “I’ve always considered ways to help the society in many ways.” So, when he heard stories about global CSR campaign ‘Team 2022’, he agreed on the good intentions of Medytox and decided to participate in supporter activity and advertisement. Ju, Hee Seok, vice president at Medytox, said “This advertisement delivers a message that Medytox, which has grown steadily since its establishment, will systematically pursue its role as a social contributor as well as profit-making company. He also mentioned that “Medytox will continue to carry out large-scale social contribution campaigns along with publicity activities in order to grow into a great company loved by the public. Medytox has conveyed the company’s values and its willingness to take off as a global biopharmaceutical company in its past two corporate advertisements. In the 1st corporate advertisement ‘Manifesto’ episode, a corporate philosophy ‘studying time of human kind’ was delivered in declaration. In the 2nd corporate advertisement ‘Moment’ episode, the willingness of Medytox to make brightest moments stay longer in life was delivered in beautiful image. Meanwhile, Global CSR campaign ‘Team 2022’ which Actor Jang, Geun Suk was selected as #1 supporter, was established with the goal of helping children with dynamic equinus foot deformity due to cerebral palsy(also known as pediatric lower limb spasticity) to receive medical treatment with botulinum toxin from total of 2,022 supporters. Also, starting with the MOU signed by Mongolia National Hospital last February, Medytox plans to further expand its sponsoring countries such as Korea, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan and etc.
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Medytox Vision 2022

Medytox has begun to step up its efforts to achieve Vision 2022.

$1 billion
Global Biopharmaceutical Company
TOP 20

Based on integrity and open communication, Medytox is building excellent capacity and system to meet the global standard with commitment and courage.
Furthermore, we are endeavoring to reach $1 billion in sales, $10 billion in market value,
and to become one of the world's top 20 biopharmaceutical companies by 2022.

Medytox AD/PR Video

Medytox, a pharmaceutical company expanding beyond domestic boundaries to win global recognition.
Meet us from our first step in 2000 to now and the future.

Medytox Offices & Facilities

While meeting global quality standards, Medytox has become one of the leading global companies.

Medytox Global Business Center
Medytox global business center
Medytox R&D Center (Gwanggyo)
One-Stop R&D system facility for developing new bio-drugs
Medytox Plant I (Ochang)
Korea’s first botulinum toxin production facility
and filler production facility
Medytox Plant II (Osong)
US FDA’s cGMP and Europe EMA’s EU GMP
compliant botulinum toxin production facility
Medytox Plant III (Osong)
The world’s largest botulinum toxin and filler product
production facility that implemented

* Single-use System: Using single-use sterile bags
to shorten the process

Medytox at a Glance

over 60 countries
Korea's No.1 Botulinum Toxin Market Share
Vision $1billion in Sales in 2022
More than 26 r&d Pipeline

Medytox Global Network

Starting with a Taiwan joint venture "Medytox Taiwan", Medytox established a China joint venture "Medybloom China", a Hong Kong joint venture "Medytox Hong Kong", a Thailand joint venture "MedyCeles", and a 100% owned local subsidiary "MDT International Inc." in Japan.